MyCommunity.Today and Local Marketing Solutions Group Inc. Launches New Ground-Breaking Social Interactive Networking App

MyCommunity.Today Inc., a privately held technology company focused on development of a community-centric, social interactive network and e-commerce platform launched its ground-breaking app today. This new app is specifically designed to help improve communities by providing trusted, hyper-local, news and interactive engagement with neighbors and businesses. The app’s curated, timely, and relevant news and information capabilities helps community members become better informed about local issues and able to support their local business through the app’s easy to use e-commerce feature.

“Our mission at MyCommunity.Today is to improve people’s lives by increasing their engagement in the activities that enhance their local community. To that end, we provide daily, curated, hyper-local news and information and allow community members to engage and interact with each other on the platform to address pressing local issues. Furthermore, given that local businesses are a big part of any community, we added modern e-commerce capabilities to our platform to tackle the growing and unmanaged challenge of mobile users trying to find, to shop at and support local businesses,” said Sai Agahi, Co-Founder and CEO of MyCommunity.Today, Inc.

According to Agahi, “For consumers, in one app they’ll have access to thousands of local merchants’ mobile apps and just-in-time coupons and deals from those local merchants. One place, one login, one password, and one payment system to shop from thousands of local businesses. It truly is a world where YOU and your Community are the center of the universe.”

Sai continued, “For small local merchants that have suffered significantly due to COVID19 and have lost much of their sales to larger on-line businesses, we’re driven to help those merchants get their clients back by giving every local business its own mobile App and e-commerce platform”.

This ground-breaking work is being spearheaded from a strategic alliance with Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc.

“Today, this launch of MyCommunity.Today’s unique Mobile App As A Service (MAAS) offering will provide a single market place for users to easily find local merchants and for businesses to truly enhance their brand awareness within their local communities, resulting in increased merchant sales and revenue. We look forward to seeing this breakthrough technology platform being adopted by all local merchants throughout the U.S.” said Al Croke, President and CEO of Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc.

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About MyCommunity.Today, Inc.
MyCommunity.Today is a grassroots community technology company with the mission to improve people’s lives by increasing their engagement in the activities that enhance their local community. It also provides a community centric, interactive social media & E-Commerce platform, specifically designed to allow local businesses to engage and promote their products and services within their local communities using MyCommunity.Today mobile application. To learn more about MyCommunity.Today and its solutions, visit the Company’s website at

About Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc.
Local Marketing Solutions Group (LMSG), a holding company, was formed in 2012 by the executive management team of JGSullivan Interactive Inc. The purpose of the holding company, through merger and acquisition activity, is to continue the expansion of offering the broadest and most efficient marketing solutions to national and international brands that drive revenue through local sales and marketing channels. LMSG provides marketing automation technology and a comprehensive set of supporting marketing services capabilities, allowing corporate marketing control of brand image while facilitating dissemination of product and service content and materials for local channels. For more information, please visit our website at

MyCommunity.Today, Inc.:
Dr. Sai Agahi
Co-Founder and CEO of MyCommunity.Today, Inc..

Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc.:
Al Croke
President and CEO
Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc.