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Account-based Business Development

Let’s go whale fishing.

Let’s say you need to increase sales. Or you’re getting a low ROI on your marketing spend. Or you can’t penetrate target accounts. The solution is Account-based Business Development, or ABD.

Developed by KMA One, ABD is a strategic, research-driven approach to B2B sales based on the highest level of account awareness and approaching individual accounts as markets of one.

ABD focuses on the prospects that represent the highest value—the biggest fish in the biggest ponds. We work from a position of audience knowledge and concentrate on the game-changer prospects that can take your company to the next level.

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Research, evaluate, attack.

KMA One researches individual target accounts, evaluates the data, then crafts a one-to-one, personalized campaign tailored specifically to the prospect’s unique situation.

We not only consult and evaluate, we create and execute multi-channel marketing campaigns, from targeted emails and micro-targeted digital ads to landing pages and microsites to webcasts and social media. And KMA One’s telemarketing campaigns are among the most sophisticated in the industry. Our “HiQ” callers are highly skilled professionals with an average of 25+ years in sales.

Let’s talk ABD, ASAP.

KMA One is the one source for a comprehensive, personalized ABD solution. Our recent efforts have produced 20-30% success rates in qualified leads (appointments) for major accounts. So why wait to get started? Let’s talk. Fill out the form and contact us today.

All in or a’ la carte.

KMA One can manage the ABD process on a turnkey basis, from research and data valuation through campaign development and lead generation. Or, we can fill in the gaps, handling specific phases of the process. Whatever it takes.

Account Based Research

Provide account awareness of individual prospect or customer accounts as markets of one.

  • Identify limited number of high-value accounts
  • Research to identify account’s situation and objectives
  • Research to identify best contacts to engage
  • Engage decision-makers and key influencers by addressing the client’s objectives
  • Identify more accounts with a similar situation and objectives, then apply lessons learned from 1-4

Account Data Valuation

Evaluation of data to validate, update or appended.

  • Acquisition of new data to fit your needs
  • Analysis of existing data
  • Cleanse, normalize, organize data
  • Segmentation of your data to be used effectively in your marketing campaigns


Personalized campaigns designed to engage each account, basing the marketing message on the specific situation and objectives of the account.

  • Highly customized digital, email, print fulfillment and calling campaigns
  • Create and host custom landing pages and microsites
  • Plan, host, and promote webcasts
  • Manage your social networking and responding as well as social listening


Generate quality leads maximizes your marketing ROI and deliver a higher sales conversion rate.

  • Leverage research-based insights and validated data
  • Telemarketing
  • Lead qualification
  • Ongoing communication with prospects and customers
  • Digital-based marketing and advertising