Meet our Experienced Team of HiQ Sales Consultants

KMA has set out to assemble a team with extraordinary levels of skill and experience.  We focus on longevity in the industry. We choose team members with proven success in pure sales or technical pre-sales. In fact, this type of telemarketing is so different we call it HiQ telemarketing to distinguish it from regular telemarketing. You can read this as Hi Quality or High IQ.

KMA HiQ Callers

Our callers have decades of experience making executive calls with successful results.

KMA HiQ callers have more experience - period. Our HiQ callers average over 25 years selling complex solutions for Fortune 500 companies - not counting the time spent at KMA. Recognizing that tele-qualification is even more difficult than face-to-face selling, our callers draw on their experience to drive conversations and more importantly…results. Understanding a prospects Budget, Authority, Needs, and Timeline, or BANT for scoring and ranking leads provides you and your sales team with a truly qualified lead.

Is HiQ for my firm?

If your solution is high value, high dollar or even highly complex then KMA HiQ callers are the right fit for you. B2B enterprise solutions are especially complex and very common in large organizations. A seasoned sales consultant has the right experience to qualify and drive the right types of conversations, ultimately setting the stage for your sales reps to step in where a HiQ caller left off and begin the selling process in a seamless manner.