Lead Generation

Grow your pipeline through response management, appointment setting, lead qualification and more.

Growing your sales pipeline is paramount for every business, big and small. Identifying, contacting and setting appointments for your sales team allows them to focus on the more important tasks at hand – selling your product. Whether it’s qualifying prospects or providing “warm” leads to your sales reps cleaning up your CRM we can help.

Generating quality leads maximizes your marketing ROI and leads to a higher conversion. Experienced callers are what sets KMA One apart from the competition. Successful telemarketing starts with the objective that calls must be matched to the skills of the caller.  Some projects require a range of skills.  By blending a mix of caller skills, we can fine tune the resource to match the needs of your project.

By providing a blend of comprehensive sales, marketing and reporting & tracking solutions KMA One can help grow your pipeline.

Comprehensive Solutions

KMA One offers complete management of your lead gathering and data-driven marketing decisions.

  • Appointment setting
  • Lead qualification
  • Managing your sales process
  • Growing your sales pipeline
  • Building lasting customer relationships
  • Get insight into your sales functionality
  • Convert leads into revenue
  • Ongoing communication with prospects and customers
  • Multi-touch marketing campaigns
  • List generation
  • Lead generation and decision software