Industry Insights

Every business has to determine whether they should perform a service themselves in-house or outsource that particular service to an outside vendor. Marketing and response management are just two of the services that can be performed either in-house or outsourced to a vendor.

Marketing Data Solutions Brief

The quality of your data will directly affect the results of your projects - especially lead generation campaigns. So, before starting execution of any project you should optimize the data. Simply stated, optimization means assembling the most cost-effective set of data to support your objectives. Everyone tries to do it; but not everyone knows how to do it quickly and cost-effectively.

Mail and Email Services

There was a time that direct mail/email would produce a high rate of positive responders. Yet, in recent years, the rate of return for direct mail has dwindled to less than 1%. Mailers are often seen simply as junk mail that never gets to the desk of a decision maker and email has been reduced to SPAM. What used to be a cost-effective way to broadcast your company’s message to a large audience has turned into a poor investment of your marketing dollars. Is there any hope? We think there is.

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