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Lead Generation

Grow your pipeline through response management, appointment setting, lead qualification and more.
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Target the right prospects and drive real conversations with our experienced HiQ callers.
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Database Services

Develop prospect profiles for more accurate and efficient marketing.

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Campaign Management

Design a multichannel campaign to reach the right prospects and maximize your ROI.
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Sales & ROI Tools

We’ve created some of the most ingenious tools for a variety of campaigns to boost the efficiency and success of your sales.
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Marketing Solutions

Expand your reach and marketing efforts with direct mail, video, email, branding, newsletters and websites.

Isn't all telemarketing the same?

No.  Matching the right sort of telemarketing to your objectives is the key to success. Regular telemarketing will fail if your objective demands experience-based telemarketing. KMA provides a range of specialized telemarketing resource to match, not only the specific target market but also the specific objective of your project.  This cost-effectively maximizes your results.

HiQ Callers

KMA’s research on the relative effectiveness of experience-based telemarketing is so conclusive that we have created a pool of HiQ callers that have an average of over 25 years of experience.

Marketing Expertise

We offer full service consulting to help you grow your business. Whether you need campaign designs and marketing strategies, marketing workshops, or any number of additional services, we have experts that can help.