4 Critical Reasons to Use HiQ Telemarketing

Isn’t all telemarketing much the same? No. Matching the right sort of telemarketing to your objectives is the key to success. Regular telemarketing will fail if your objective demands experience-based telemarketing. KMA One provides a range of specialized telemarketing resources to match not only the specific target market but also the specific objective of your project. 1. …

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Conversion Secrets of Successful Marketers

Conversion optimization is the holy grail of marketing because it results in outcomes that directly fulfill specific business objectives. So, how do successful marketers do it? Here are five, easy to implement tips that can help transform your marketing and sales strategy into a high converting one.

6 Ways for Your Sales Team to Start Selling Again

Sales is the life blood of an organization. It’s the heart that pumps new, fresh revenue through the veins of the company keeping it healthy and alive. The heart only has one function – so why does your sales organization have so many? Statistics have shown that sales reps only spend on average 15% actually selling their products to a prospect; the other 85% of the time is spent prospecting, answering proposals, creating their own marketing campaigns and materials.

Local Marketing Solutions Group Inc. Acquires High End Call Center Lead Generation, Territory Management and Sales/Marketing Integration Group, KMA One

Local Marketing Solutions Group Inc. has acquired KMA One. Al Croke, Local Marketing Solutions Group Inc.’s President & CEO said “the acquisition of KMA One adds significant and critically important sales and marketing support capabilities to our array of offerings.” Croke added, “our ability to provide Lead Generation, Territory Development, Telemarketing, Multi-Touch Marketing/Lead Nurturing and Business Value sales enablement tools will enhance our clients’ ability to realize their revenue growth targets.”