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This site probably contains several answers to your key marketing issues. Here's the quickest ways to find the information most relevant to you:

1. Complete each of the self-assessment surveys. In 20 minutes you will get tailored recommendations on where to go next.

2. Call us. After a few minutes of probing discussion we'll tell you what makes sense to do next.

If you need help marketing your high-tech products ...
       ...You've come to the right place

This site is all about how to increase and maintain your sales through common-sense marketing.  This site does not set out to sell you anything. Rather it gives you information and advice about marketing, with the emphasis on big-ticket, high-tech products and services. If you like what we say, let's work together.

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Stimulating demand:

  I need more sales leads
I need better sales leads
I need to know how to define and measure sales lead quality
Marketing data:
  I need better prospect data
I need more prospect data
I need better information about my customers
Marketing planning and execution:
  I need help or advice on a specific marketing problem
I need to design a specific new campaign from known objectives
I need to know what results I should expect
I need to measure the ROI for my marketing
The transition from marketing to sales:
  I need to know what happens to my sales leads and why
I need consistent lead management
I need to know how long it should take to sell a good lead
I need better, faster, cheaper proposals
Help with marketing execution:
  I need a low-cost telemarketing service
I need a high-quality telemarketing service
I need someone who talks common-sense on marketing
I need someone to talk to!
This site is brought to you by KMA One. We hope that you find it useful. Even more, we hope that you find it so useful that you want to do business with us.

What is KMA One?

We are a small but highly specialized marketing company. Our specialty is helping companies sell high-tech products and services.

What's the source of this content?

We have been in marketing and sales for over 25 years. For the last 18 years as KMA One we have run hundreds of projects involving tens of millions of mailers and millions of phone calls. More importantly, we do a lot of measurement and analysis; as a result we have accumulated a lot of knowledge of what works.
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Why do we give this content away?

As well as finding out what works, we have also found out that it takes years of experience to implement these keys to success. If this site makes sense to you, then you are our kind of people and there is a good chance you'll want to do business with us.